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C u T L oo S e Entertainment

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C u T L oo S e
is an I N d e p E N d e N t
production company.
Our main goal is to promote
C a n a d i a n   CONTENT
CAnaDiaN   T a L E n t

               TO ProDuCE
feature FilMs for
CAnaDian MaRket
        and the

Illustration of a star; Size=240 pixels wide

Visit the On-line Store to view our titles.  Support the indie film industry.
If you would like to be part
of the C u T L oo S e  team
and are dedicated to the
ArT of DiGiTaL CiNeMa
drop us a line
We are always looking
for new talent to come
on board
If you are a Director
or Producer
         If you are a Writer
If you want to be part
of the Crew