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Kill Roy Dialogue #3

Dialogue Between Jake, Jeremy, Katie & Ken

Jake, Jeremy and Katie are in the cafeteria.  They are holding trays with their lunch and are walking making their way to a table.  The jocks see them and move quickly together to block them.  Jake and Jeremy walk between the jocks that stick out their feet.  Jake and Jeremy trip and their trays with their lunch fall on top of them.  Ken, the jock that tripped Jake and Jeremy laughs with sarcasm.



Shit, did I trip you?  I'm so sorry.


Ken takes a cup filled with pop and pours it on top of Jake and Jeremy.  Other kids join Ken and form a circle around Jake and Jeremy who are helpless on the floor.  They start chanting together "Fagots", "Fagots"


Jake and Jeremy try to get up off the floor while the other kids keep pushing them down again.


Katie tries to push the bullies away from Jake and Jeremy.



Get away from us you fucking creeps.  We didn't do anything to you.  Leave us alone.


While Jake is struggling to get up off the floor he notices two teachers looking on not doing anything.  They turn and walk away from the cafeteria.



You two are nothing but freaks.



Let them go.



Somebody please shut her up.


Several of the girls in the crowd grab Katie and pull her aside and hold her down in a chair.



There's a rumor going around school that you


Ken kicks Jake on his leg.



Are bum fucking your friend here.



I've got no idea of what the fuck you are talking about.


The crowd continues to chant "Fagots, Fagots"



Whatever you heard is not true.  It's a fucking lie.



The rumor is that you.


Ken starts to kick Jeremy.



Where seen in the school showers getting down on your knees and after getting bum fucked by your friend here.